Oracle CEP 11gR1 – official support for CQL

Today Oracle announced the release of the product Oracle CEP, version 11gR1, which I am gladly part of the team.

Oracle CEP 11gR1 is the next release after 10.3, which is the re-brand of BEA’s Weblogic Event Server.

There are several new features in this release, but the flag-stone is the inclusion of CQL (Continuous Query Language) as the default event processing language.

CQL is important in several aspects:

  • It brings us closer to converging towards a standard language for event processing
  • It is based on a solid theoretical foundation, leveraging relational calculus and extending it to include the concept of stream of events
  • Full support for pattern matching, a new stream-only operator
  • Solid engineering, including several query plan optimizations, for example, a unbounded stream that uses the insert stream operator is converted to a ‘NOW’ window using the relation-stream operator
  • Implementation abstractions, for example, a relation can be bound to either a RDBMS table or to a Coherence cache, without any query re-write.

Other features worth-mentioning are:

And more coming soon…


One Response to Oracle CEP 11gR1 – official support for CQL

  1. marcoseirio says:

    I took a quick look at the documentation and it looks really cool. I seems that Aleri, Esper, StreamBase and the other SQL players now have a competing product that they will have to work hard to match…

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