I had read the former version of this page to my kids and they asked me why was I referring to myself in the third person, and have since then decided to make this a bit more personal and direct. Hopefully, this works better. I know for them it did.

I graduated in computer science at the Federal University of São Carlos, one of the top institutions in Brazil. Following which I worked on several assignments at Brazil, Norway and Germany for IBM. At the time, I was working on network management, particularly for OSI networks. Even though this has been more than a decade ago, I still find it surprising how well designed and sound the TMN (tele-comunication management network) architecture still is. It is completely driven by metadata, through the use of information bases, and have well established remote interfaces defined as protocols. In this sense, the technologies that have followed since, such as CORBA and Web-Services, in my opinion, are just re-iterations over these same basic concepts.

Next, I moved to the US, and worked in a start-up developing CORBA products, the next big trend in terms of software platforms. I had the pleasure to implement, together with my team, one of the first real-time embedded CORBA ORB, which since has been bought by another company and is still in use in military and other high-end systems.

I then moved to Seebeyond (acquired by Sun) and shortly to BEA where I entrenched myself in JEE, and SOA. I participated in the development of several products, including WLI (WebLogic Integration), Service-Bus, Web-Service stacks, and BPEL and BPM engines. During this time, I co-authored the WS-BPEL 2.0 specification.

At Oracle, I was the chief architect for OEP (Oracle Event Processing), a CEP product, with extensions to support spatial processing, Big Data integration, and real-time analytics.
Currently, I work for Amazon, in the global inventory optimization and demand forecasting group. I get to apply Map-Reduce and Machine Learning to actual real Big Data.

I am on the steering committee for the Event Processing Technical Society (EPTS), and hold several patents on software – like everyone else I know :-). I can be contacted at adcalves at gmail dot com.


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