Best Complex Event Processing Solution

July 15, 2008

Recently, Waters published its ranking for best solution and services for the year of 2008.

I am very glad to see WebLogic Event Server, re-branded as Oracle CEP, as the winner of the best complex event processing (CEP) solution.

There is still plenty for us to do, but I do think we have come a long way in the past two/three years, and we have constantly tried to innovate, both at the container level as well as at the programming model.

Interesting enough, there is a separate Best Streaming Data Management Solution category, which was awarded to the company Streambase.

Personally, I do think there is an implementation difference between streaming data management systems (SDMS), whose roots are deep from DBMS technology, and complex event processing systems (CEP), term which I believe was coined by David Luckham, focusing on event relationships (e.g. causality, aggregation). The keyword being implementation difference, as there is a large overlap on the use-cases that both address.

Regardless, I find it intriguing that Waters not only does not state the differences between the categories, but also uses the term CEP several times in the SDMS category.

I guess the verdict is that there is still confusion amongst the experts regarding event and stream processing… And that both products must be very good.