“New Event-Processing Design Patterns using CEP” at edBPM

Next week in Germany there is a very compelling workshop on event-driven BPM.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend this conference for personal reasons, however I (proudly) did have a paper accepted to it. As it stands, a paper that has not been presented looses much of its value, nonetheless I provide it here in an attempt to spawn some discussion, and mitigate my non-attendance at the workshop.


2 Responses to “New Event-Processing Design Patterns using CEP” at edBPM

  1. marcoseirio says:

    Interesting read! I started too to write about patterns in my blog a couple of days ago. I realised that mine patters are a bit biased towards the detection oriented rules of ruleCore. Maybe there are two kinds of patterns? Detection oriented and those doing filtering?

  2. Alexandre Alves says:

    Hi Marco,

    Yes, I think so, similarly to how programming patterns can get categorized as structural, creational, behavioral, etc; we could define categories for the event processing patterns.

    I believe Adrian is also compiling a list of these. We should get all together and do this jointly.


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